HFFS doypack form filling sealing machine

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Scope of application

  FB-180S HFFS doypack form fill seal machine are designed for packing stand up pouches. It is designed for packing powder, liquid, sauce, paste, snacks, nuts products etc. Right now doypack is more and more popular in detergent packages, food sauce, beverages, snacks, spices etc.

doypack form filling sealing machine               doypack form filling sealing machine               doypack form filling sealing machine

Features & Mechanical Character :

  General instructions of doypack packing machine

FB-180S doypack form fill seal machine to packing solid products by equiepping multi-heads weighing scales as filler part, this  design are suit for packing nut. chips, grains, candy, chocolate ball and regular shapes products

  HFFS doypack packaging machinery to packing liquid/sauce/paste products by equipping postion pump filler to packing 

 honey, spices sauce, liquid degerent, food paste etc. 

  HFFS doypack packing machinery to packing powder products by equipping auger filler, contolled by servo motor, It is 

 widely used for packing milk powder, coffee powder, protine powder, spices powder etc.


doypack form filling sealing machine

what functions of FB-180 HFFS packaging machinery including?

FB-180S doypack machine using a variety of heat sealable multi-layer complex film, our doypack machine series horizontal FFS packaging machine is designed for packaging doypack and it is fully automatic system for pouch forming, filling, sealing. Equipping with our filling or dosing system, customer can fill various products: powder, liquid or granule etc.

How many work stations of HFFS packaging machinery?

doypack form filling sealing machine

1.Film Unwind  2.Bottom Hole Punching  3.Bag Forming  4.Film Guide  5.Bottom Seal  6.Vertical Seal l  7.Vertical Seal II 8.Tear Notch  9.Photocell  10.Servo Advance  11.Cutting  12.Pouch Catching  13. Pouch Opening  14.Air Flushing 15.Filling I  16.Filling  II 17.Top Seal I  18.Top Seal II  19.Finished Product  20.Outlet

what type of  pouches can be made by HFFS packing machine?

FB-180s doypack form fill seal packaging machine are suit to make stand up pouch, doypack with zipper, doypack with punching  hole, doypack with spout, doypack with irregular shape design etc. some of pictures as below and linking to video in YOUTOBE

doypack form filling sealing machine               doypack form filling sealing machine               doypack form filling sealing machine

doypack form filling sealing machine                                    doypack form filling sealing machine

Technical Specification :

Model FB-180S doypack packing machine FB-240S doypack packing machine FB-180SP spouted doypack packing machine FB-180SD  shpaed doypack packing machine FB-240SP spouted doypack packing machine
Width of bag 65-180mm 110-240mm 90-180mm 60-90mm 90-225mm
length of bag 130-250mm 150-320mm 110-225mm 110-225mm 150-320mm
filling range 1000 mls 2000  mls 1000 mls 50 mls 2000 mls
packing speed 30-60/minute 30-60/minute
60-100 /minute 30-60/minute
film thickness 60-180 micro 60-180 micro
60-180 micro
60-180 micro
60-180 micro
diameter of roll film Max 500 mm Max 500 mm
Max 500 mm
Max 500 mm
Max 500 mm
size of machine 6500*1200*1800mm 7200*1200*1800mm 6700*1200*1800mm 6900*1200*1800mm 7500*1200*1800mm
Weitht of machine 2500 kgs 3000 kgs 2500 kgs 3000 kgs 3000 kgs

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