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Scope of application

FB-CBL series pick-place carton packing machine is used for grasping and placing bottles by air inflation and deflation. 

Through the mechanical operation, pneumatic and electric control, the bottles are accurately and steadily loaded into 

the carton from the conveyor belt.

Features & Mechanical Character :

According to customer requirements for product packaging, the product feed for accurate whole column grouping, while underlying pre-sync to the product carton boxes preset position, and then by the lifting mechanism rear jacking good product grouping randomly fall into cartons, lifting mechanism automatically drops to a horizontal position and the outlet conveyor, cartons output by the transport section; each part of the linkage is adjusted by the electric air control to simultaneously ensure that each group of products can be accurate and effective automatic packing and output. Application: Fields of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, and other. Common to all types of PET bottles, cans, pouch packages.

Technical Specification :

Model 型号


Applicable Container 装箱产品

Plastic bottle, Glass bottle, Tins and Cans, pouch


Product Size 包装尺寸

Customized  定做

Container Diameter 纸箱尺寸

L 250-450 x W 150-400 x H 100-400mm

Capacity 装箱速度

5-20 Cartons/per min

Machine Dimension(L*W*H) 机械标准尺寸




Power Supply 工作电压

3PH 220V/380V 50/60Hz

Air Pressure 工作气压


Height of Work Table 进出料高度

Feed-in worktable 850mm; output 650mm

Automatic carton forming machine 开箱机尺寸

L 2100 x W 2400x H 2400 mm

Carton erector machine 装箱机尺寸

L2000 x W 1900x H 1450 mm

Carton tapper封箱机尺寸

L2147x W 1058 x H 1524 mm

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