doypack form filling sealing machine (HFFS)

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1. Instruction of machine:

doypack form filling sealing machine (HFFS)

doypack form filling sealing machine (HFFS)

1.Film Unwind 2.Bottom Hole Punching 3.Bag Forming 4.Film Guide 5.Bottom Seal 6.Vertical Seal l 7.Vertical Seal II 8.Tear Notch 9.Photocell 10.Servo Advance 11.Cutting 12.Pouch Catching 13. Pouch Opening 14.Air Flushing 15.Filling I 16.Filling II 17.Top Seal I 18.Top Seal II 19.Finished Product 20.Outlet

  It is one of the best Pouch Packing Machine in China.  pouch with reclosable zipper, spout & cap, hanging hole, different shape. Full servo technology machine ,fast in packing, stable in operating, Durable machine with reasonable price. Flexible to fill and pack various product such as powder, liquid ,viscous liquid, granule, tablet , solid ,candy, stick product. our machines already served in Food, beverage, cosmetics, personal care, household, chemicals and pharmaceutical industry.  

doypack form filling sealing machine (HFFS)

2. Applications of machine:

 Applicable Pouch : stand up pouch, flat or stand up pouches, irregular shaped pouch 
Applicable Products Configure with different dosing devices, capable to pack with liquid, powder or granule, such as juice, honey, soybean milk, butter, energy gel, spices, etc
Applicable Packaging:
doypack form filling sealing machine (HFFS)
doypack form filling sealing machine (HFFS)
 Laminate Heat sealable packing materials such as OPP/PE, BOPP/OPP/PE, PET/AL /CPP etc.

doypack form filling sealing machine (HFFS)


3. Details constructions of machine:

 doypack form filling sealing machine (HFFS)


4. Features of machines:


Standard Features


·          Apply carbon steel with plastic spraying structure covered by stainless steel 304, high strength

·          Main movement beam and pouch holding bars applied with anodic oxidation and/or harden aluminum

·          Stainless steel 304 for product touching parts

·          PLC & Touch Screen HMI Control

·          Intelligent PID temperature controller

·          Servo motor for film pre-pulling and bottom hole punching

·          Easy adjustment of the pouch length

·          Twice top and vertical sealing processes

·          Pouch vacuum and mechanical opening

·          Vacuum system powered by vacuum pump with negative pressure tank

·          Individual pressure tank for different compress air supplies

·          Pouch not open completely, no fill and seal interlock

·          Central lubrication system for punching device and other key mechanical parts

·          Visual Protective Cover

·          Cold Embossing type coding


Optional Features


Stainless steel 316 for product touching parts


Automatic film offset correction system


Tear notch  Ribbon,


 inkjet or laser coding


Cold sealing with chiller


Siemens Control System


doypack form filling sealing machine (HFFS)

5. Others: 

Customization Philosophy

The product demonstrating may not perfectly meet your requirements, our philosophy is to customize your real need, To minimizing idle capacity and function. To supply you performance and cost balanced products. Following are the factors shall be taken into account during customization:

· Filling Materials

· Container to be filled, type and specification.

· Capacity requirement

· Automation requirement

· Protection requirement

· Other specific requirement

Selection Guide

Selection Guides are available for circulation, contact us to get products selection and customization support.


· The pictures demonstrating in this profile represent products of range, and subject to the newest or customized design

· Due to the huge number of documentation updating, the data indicated in this profile may not be updated timely, Please contact with our customer service for newest version.

· The features or functions appear in this profile subject to the additional description of quotation

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