sachet sorting system

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Scope of application

FB-2X-02 Automatic on-line sachet sorting counting machine for sorting sitck sachets, 3 and 4 sides sealing bags, pillow pouches etc. It's widely used in food factory, medicine factory, seeds factory etc. 

Features & Mechanical Character :

sachet sorting systemsachet sorting system

1. PLC controll for automatic logic running

2. Circular sachet sorting system reduce labors 

3. CVT system make sorting machine flexiable

4. sorting counting products one by one with mistakes alarm

5. flexiable options with printing, labeling, packaging line

Technical Specification :


FB-WX02 sachet sorting systematization

Product name

Automatic sachet sorter 

Product size

According to the actual situation

sorting bag size 


Packing capacity

50-300 bags/min

Power supply

1ph-220V-50Hz or 3 ph-380V-50Hz

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