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Scope of application

screw conveyor

screw conveyor

Features & Mechanical Character :

screw conveyor

The automatic screw feeder is suitable for conveying dry materials of powder, granule and non-viscous bulk density 1.3U/m ', such as grain, oil bran, feed, chemical raw materials and cement, at a vertical or large tilt Angle.Materials should not exceed 80 ° C temperature -, vertical screw conveyor is not suitable for conveying block and sticky materials.

1. The automatic screw feeder can be calculated according to the following empirical formula Q=8.007 d. 3n (m/m) : Q= conveying capacity (m/n);D= spiral diameter (m);N = screw speed (r/min).

2. The motor power of the automatic screw feeder is calculated according to the empirical formula N=0.015258856 Q.R.H (Kw), where: N= motor power (Kw);Q= throughput (m'/n);R = bulk density of material (t/m');H= the distance between the inlet and the outlet (m).

3. Length combination: the height of Automatic screw feeder (ordering height) refers to the distance between the inlet and outlet, from 2.5m to 15m, 0.5m first gear, users can choose according to needs.

4. Driving device:Automatic screw feeder adopts upper driving type.The motor is mounted on the head of the main engine, and the power is transmitted to the spindle by the belt, thus driving the spiral operation.Type 200 and type 250 set single drive type, the maximum configuration of motor power 15Kw;Type 315 has two types of single drive and double drive.When the motor power is less than or equal to 15Kw, the use of single drive type, when the motor power is greater than 15Kw, the use of double drive type.Forced feeding device with drive device installed on the ground shall be designed by the manufacturer. If designed by the user, the user shall be responsible for it.

 Automatic screw feeder is a spiral rotation, vertical load of the continuous conveyor, suitable for flour, grain, cement, fertilizer, ash, sand, stone, coal, small coal and other materials.Widely used in the chemical industry, building materials, grain and oil, feed, food, metallurgy, mining, plastics, medicine and other industries, suitable for the horizontal transmission of granular or powdery materials, inclined transport, vertical transport and other forms.Screw conveyor has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, large carrying capacity, safety and reliability, strong sealing, long life and so on.Easy to operate, etc.

Technical Specification :

screw conveyor

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