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sachets counter machinery

  FB-WX-02 automatic sachet sorting counter machine is designed for sorting mass of sachets in huge production to reduce labors and increase production capacity. automatic sorting machine for sorting sachets from hopper into one by one, sachets counter machine for counting sachets according with requirements.

  automatic sachets sorting counting machine can be used seperately and can be connect with pouch packaging machine, boxing machines, too. 

you can check more videos in our YOUTOBE channel:

1. automatic sachet sorting counting machine with carton box packaging line

sachets counter boxing machine

2. automatic sachets sort count machine with pouch packaging machine

sachets counter pouch packing machine

3. sachet sorting counting machine for filling carton board case

sachets counter system

  FB-WX-02 Automatic sachets sorting counting machine for sorting counting 3 & 4 sides sealed sachets, shaped pouch, spouted bags, stick bags and other small pouches/sachets

  Sachet sorting counting machines are applicated in many fields, such as: food sachets, medicine sachets, beverage pouch, cosmetics products etc.



Product name

Automatic sachet sorter 

Product size

According to the actual situation

sorting bag size 


Packing capacity

50-300 bags/min

Power supply

1ph-220V-50Hz or 3 ph-380V-50Hz

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